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Free Online Background Checks

Free online background checks are a great way to get some much needed information on an individual. Many websites offer this service free. Find the information that you need on someone in just a few simple steps.

What Is A Background Check?

A background check can be the best way to get the information you need on a person when it isn’t readily available.  There are many reasons that someone may choose to check out another person, or why a company may choose to do so.  A background check is typically performed online through a company that specializes in this field.  A background check can be performed to get all types of information on a person who may not share it on their own.  They can provide a sort of “picture” of the person, their past actions, and their character.

A background check may be performed to find out if a person has a criminal record.  This can include simple items such as speeding tickets that were issued, as well as any time they may have been spent in jail.  Background checks also give information on a person’s financial history, such as late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and all-over credit history.  Public history can be found, as well, including any homes, cars, or other assets that may be owned.  A background check can be performed to find out about any past marriages or divorces that occurred.

Some background checks are used to confirm if a registered sex offender is living close by, to find out about your child’s teacher or doctor, or simply to get information on a friend.  While a background check may seem invasive, it is usually better to be safe than sorry.

Background Checks For Companies

There are many reasons why individuals and companies do background checks on people.  A potential employer may be curious about the candidate’s background and want to find out more about them before they hire them.  A background check may show whether the candidate has a history of staying with their jobs.  A lot of employers are also somewhat wary of hiring anyone with a criminal record.  While a speeding ticket may not affect a resume, finding out that their potential employee was in jail certainly can.  It is important to remember that when filling out an application, you should always honestly answer the part about criminal history, as your employer may find out anyway.  A simple background check is all they need to get the information they want.

Any career that works with children, special needs children and adults, or the elderly will require a background check before a job is given.  This is especially important to make sure that you have not committed any type of crime against children or the elderly.  Additionally, a company who rents house and apartments may perform a free background check on a person to make sure that they are suited for the home.  This is particularly true for those who are trying to secure a loan to buy a home.  A landlord may want to know about any previous criminal activity before renting out their home to a potential tenant.  They will typically not want someone who has a history of breaking the law.  Also, a background check can help them find out if the tenant owes another landlord money for unpaid rent.

Background Checks For Individuals

Many individuals who are getting into a relationship with someone may decide on doing a background check on the other person.  While some think this is an invasion of privacy, many experts and dating services recommend this before getting too serious with an individual.  This is an especially good idea when you meet someone online, and do not know much about the person, his or her family, or friends.  A background check can even help make sure that the person in question is not a con artist, out to swindle his or her innocent partners out of life savings.  Sounds crazy, but it has happened.  A free criminal background check can help alleviate these fears.  This is very important if the person in question is very secretive about his or her past, or seems in any way suspicious.

Some spouses actually look into background checks to try and catch a cheating spouse.  Many times, a free background check online will turn up information that the spouse does not know about, such as purchases made on a credit card or even an apartment that the spouse did not know anything about.

What Should You Look For In A Background Check?

When you run a free background check on someone, you will want to make sure that the online site offers a number of things.  First, you will want to be sure the background check is actually free.  Many websites lure you in with promises of their websites being free, but don’t be fooled.  You may sign up for a free trial, and end up paying a monthly fee for the use of their services.  Still others may only pull up the individual’s basic information, such as phone number and address.  This information could easily be found without the use of a background check.  Then, the company wants money for a more comprehensive search to be performed.

Make sure that the background check website you choose offers you a variety of information when you run a search.  You will want to find criminal records, marriage and divorce records, job history, and more.  The more information on a person you can find for free, the better.

One good website to try is, a public records finder that gives you access to a lot of information on a person.  At, you can get criminal information on anyone that you wish.  These websites and more can get you the valuable information that you need.  Best of all, background checks performed online are fast and confidential.  You can get the information when you need it fast, and no one will ever know you performed the search.